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How it Works

Designed to be easy to use, AgriWorld Exchange is a powerfully simple tool

Today's produce industry is a complex system of sourcing, distribution, processing and logistics. The planning and control of the flow of goods, materials and services are a constant challenge for industry professionals. Now, with the power of the Internet and simply efficient e-commerce tools, AgriWorld Exchange makes buying and selling produce easier and more profitable. No matter which hat you wear, you too can work smarter, not harder.

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Let's walk through the steps of a typical trade conducted through AgriWorld Exchange.

1. Seller: Create an Offer

The seller creates an offer, entering a title, commodity code, product description, photo, and other information to describe the sale offer. The commodity code can be selected directly through a link to PMA's ASAP:Produce catalog, consistently identifying your products.

2. Seller: Set Sales Terms and Auction Preferences

Once product details are complete, special sales terms such as shipping details, loading point, offer duration, and more can be specified in your offer. Sellers can also choose to make their offers public or private, selling to the entire online trading community or to a select group of preferred customers.

3. Buyer: Review Open Offers

Buyers can start their day with their AgriWorld Exchange Inbox filled with invitations to bid on the products that you are known for buying instead of spending countless hours looking for them over the phone. Or, shop a virtual marketplace for any product needed, comparing all public offerings and asking prices from the convenience of just one screen.

4. Buyers and Sellers: Flexible Negotiations

AgriWorld Exchange makes it easy for buyers and sellers to review current offers, submit bids, and negotiate back and forth until a mutual agreement is reached. And within a fraction of the time it used to take, the sale is complete, buyer have found the needed product and a confirmation message is sent to both buyer and seller.

5. Buyers and Sellers: Communications are Key

In order to close negotiations efficiently, both Buyers and Sellers can communicate instantly through AgriWorld Exchange's Instant Messaging System, getting the answers they need to make better decisions.

With AgriWorld Exchange, sellers can post products for sale easily in an open marketplace, setting the stage for better selling options and higher profit margins. Buyers can quickly find the products they need at the terms they want, trimming transaction costs and buying time. For both, AgriWorld Exchange means less time spent on deal paperwork and more time building your business.


Supported Browsers

AgriWorld Exchange is optimized for use with the following browsers:

Microsoft Windows:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0+ and 6.0+, running on the following operating systems: Windows Vista, XP, or 2000.
  • Best when viewed with screen display size of at least 1024x768.