AgriWorld Exchange is the first open, comprehensive online trading platform developed specifically for produce industry professionals, namely "agri-traders". Designed to reduce transaction costs, increase profitability and extend the marketing reach of both buyers and sellers, our AgriTrading Exchange enables trading members to reach the entire global market easily and efficiently.


Sellers can create an "Offer to Sell" which can contain a single item or multiple items at fixed prices or as an auction. Sellers can track bids, submit counter bids, and communicate directly with buyers via AgriWorld Exchange In-System Messaging, email or by phone. And the seller can close a sell offer to single or multiple buyers, at the same or different prices, and on full or partial quantities.


Buyers can create an "Offer to Buy" for a single item or a multiple item offering, can track items they are interested in buying and can submit bids on items - all with a single click. Buyers can communicate with sellers via AgriWorld Exchange In-System Messaging, email or by phone. And the buyer can close multiple buy offers to multiple suppliers and review all final purchases in seconds.

Open Market

With AgriWorld Exchange, the world of buying and selling fresh produce just got a whole lot easier. For buyers and sellers, AgriWorld Exchange means an open online marketplace to offer products and find new customers. Market to an expanded worldwide community eager for your products. Get to a fair price point faster with ready information about current offers to buy and sell and recent sales transactions. Improve your profitability by trimming your transaction costs.

  • Growers & Shippers

    For growers of fresh produce, AgriWorld Exchange is the better deal that you've been looking for. Sell your products in an open, global market to an expanded group of buyers.

  • Importers & Exporters

    As an Importer and or an Exporter, you will benefit from AgriWorld Exchange's global trading platform by being able to extend your marketing reach farther than ever before.

  • Brokers & Jobbers

    For brokers, AgriWorld Exchange increases your access to available supplies and is an efficient way to get more done every day. Close transactions quickly, find product in the quantities you need, and stay ahead of price and supply changes.

  • Wholesalers & Distributors

    AgriWorld Exchange gives produce wholesalers and distributors more options to grow their business and profit. Easy access to a worldwide marketplace and automated buy and sell transactions that reduce your sales costs are just the start.

  • Supermarket Retailers

    Supermarket retailers of any size appreciate how AgriWorld Exchange helps them streamline their supply chain to find the produce quality and variety their customers demand at a competitive price.

  • Food Services

    Food service companies can rely on AgriWorld Exchange to connect directly to the produce supply chain and source open market products that meet their high quality requirements.

AgriWorld Exchange

Join the AgriWorld Exchange trading community and experience the immediate benefits of LIVE e-Commerce, real-time trading, new markets, and more business in less time.