Food Service

For Foodservices and Food Processors AgriWorld Exchange is Your Open Market Source

Overhead Cost Reduction

  • Improve the performance of your key personnel to do more business in less time with an effective e-commerce solution from AgriWorld Exchange.
  • Accurately source the products that you need in a fraction of the time that it usually takes -- for reduced overhead expense.
  • And redistributing your products with a streamlined selling process means higher productivity at less cost. Enhance your operational process by eliminating costly inefficiencies.

Critical Communication

  • Keep your customers on top of market trends with AgriWorld Exchange's real-time market information.
  • Educate your customers about distributor margins and encourage them to reduce costs through online ordering, increasing drop size, and single sourcing.
  • Communicate instantly with your supply chain to fulfill your constantly changing needs, using AgriWorld Exchange's instant in-system messaging feature.

Pinpoint Order Accuracy

  • AgriWorld Exchange enables you to orchestrate an expanded supply chain with diverse redistribution channels.
  • With a precise listing of transaction information and the ability to communicate instantly with suppliers and customers alike, you will be able to capitalize on the benefits of perfecting the order process with a few simple clicks.

Food Processors

More Sourcing Options

  • Connect directly with more quality suppliers to source the fresh produce you need on the open market.
  • Find the quality and quantity you need to meet short-term production needs or fulfill your long-term contracts.
  • Ensure year-round supplies and consistent availability of product by tapping into a broad network of local and international growers, wholesalers and importers.

New Markets

  • Find new supermarket retail and food service customers for your ready-to-eat or value-added products.
  • Confirm transactions online with regular customers, or enter special offers to sell excess product quantity to new customers.
  • Quick access to real-time market conditions allows you to make smarter and faster purchases in order to stay ahead of changes in the market supply or prices.

Increase Margins

  • Tap into the AgriWorld Exchange network to increase the profitability of both your buying and selling programs.
  • Find local suppliers of quality produce to ensure the freshest supplies while saving on long distance transportation costs.
  • In little time you can simplify your supply chain processes while expanding your sales outlets, for greater business efficiency.