Growers & Shippers

For Growers and Grower-Shippers, AgriWorld Exchange is the better deal you've been looking for

Connect with Customers

  • Experience the advantage of using the Internet to market fresh produce to a community of qualified buyers eager to build new business relationships.
  • Connect with agri-traders around the world or across the street.
  • Find new marketing opportunities with importers, exporters, distributors, processors and supermarket retailers that are eager to develop direct supplier relationships.

Enhance your Profits

  • Access real-time market data instantly to give you a leg up on negotiating fair terms and the best possible price for your product.
  • A fast and efficient transaction process means significantly lower selling costs and higher productivity, allowing you to grow sales revenue and bottom-line profit.

Reduce your Workload

  • Spend less time trying to generate sales, chasing customers, and managing paperwork. Online sales orders can be completed in minutes, and you can communicate instantly with several customers simultaneously.
  • Easily negotiate prices and sales terms in a fraction of the time it used to take.
  • Doing more business in less time allows you to focus your attention on quality production and customer satisfaction.